Oceanside Cuban by Coastal Clouds 60 ML

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Flavors: Rich, Robust, Cuban Cigar, Premium Tobacco


Kick back and relax with the rich and earthy aromas that come only from authentic Cubans

Looking for that high class luxury?  Coastal Clouds Oceanside Cuban is exactly like it sounds, a dark and robust Cuban cigar that will have you feeling on top of the world.  Pamper yourself in a rich tobacco blend crafted in style and made from premium e-juice ingredients.  You will drift into a day dream where you’re sitting beach side in the Caribbean, a long island ice tea in one hand, and your Cuban cigar in the other.  No other e-juice provides a rich, calming, enjoyable experience quite like this one. Coastal Clouds Ejuice creates blends that range from the classics you’ve come to love to the out of the box wacky blends that are going to shake things up a bit offer up something completely different than ever before. Cuban is that deep, rich, nuanced Cuban cigar style flavor that will be a workhorse within your collection that you find yourself putting to use quite regularly. The texture and taste of this option is something that you will be completely impressed with. Try a bottle of Coastal Clouds Cuban ejuice today.

Flavor Profile: Cuban Cigar
Bottle Size: 60ml
VG/PG: 70/30

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